Debunking The Myth of Working for a Startup

As featured in Franchising USA

by Michelle Joseph, CEO of PeopleFoundry


There is a fear of working for a startup because of the inherent risks and unforeseen future of the company. It is no secret that early stage companies often have lower pay, less job security and more turnover than larger corporations.
Yet, despite the skepticism of being ‘risky,’ there are aspects to study and many positives to be considered.

Michelle Joseph, CEO of PeopleFoundry, delves into the misconceptions of working for startups, and sheds light on the benefits of doing so.

The Role You Will Play
Often times when joining an established company, there will be a pre-designed position with set tasks. While startup
companies will also have specific projects to be done, they will more likely give milestones to achieve in a given time period. One of the benefits of a startup is this inherent opportunity to create your own destiny and shape your position within the company. There are many openings to excel in areas you might not have otherwise had an opportunity to be exposed to in a more corporate setting.
To be successful at startups and newer companies, versatility is required. By tackling a wide range of tasks and contributing to other roles, one can really expand their boundaries and abilities, which every company loves to see. Be sure to clarify what roles you are responsible for as well as identify opportunities to grow with the company. By doing this, the employee will become an invaluable asset to the company and also add strength and experience to their own tool belt.

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